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6-main table categories

pool dining table in oak with red cloth

Pool Dining Tables

5ft white pine pool table

Bespoke Pool Tables

12ft mahogany snooker table

Snooker Tables

American pool tables (modern)

American Pool Tables

oak snooker dining table with black cloth

Snooker Dining Tables

Outdoor pool tables

Outdoor pool tables


Selected Models

5ft pool or snooker table in white

5ft pool tables: competition standard


12ft oak snooker table

Snooker tables: Kingston full size


8ft oak and pine pool diner

original design for 8ft pool dining tables



Neo pool dining table in charcoal grey

Breton Neo Diners


Rustic pool dining table

Classic design pool dining tables 6ft, 7ft, 8ft


pine and oak pool dining table

Painted pine with oak and retractable nets:  5ft, 6ft, 7ft


White lacquer pool dining table

7ft white lacquer pool dining table


Stained ash snooker-pool diner

Stained grey ash snooker-pool dining table



Examples of 6-luxury designer models

design-led pool table Square pool table classic oak pool table
Designer Pool Tables

by Breton
Square Pool Tables

by Barton Billiards
Classic Oak Pool Tables

by Billiards Plaisance
Modern pol diner in beech with wire chairs  



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Breton Billards Neo White
Pool Diners

by Chevillotte
  Pool or snooker diner

by Breton

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List of other table-makers

Table-maker Origin Pool or Snooker status within Matchtable
Chevillotte Billiards France Specialist manufacturer of luxury pool dining tables
Etrusco Billiards Italy Specialist manufacturer of luxury pool dining tables
Longoni Billiards Italy Manufacturer of luxury American pool tables
Oak Dining Tables England Part of Matchtable cooperative, a display of French tables in Winchester
Rene Pierre France Manufacturer of pool diners and American pool tables
SAM Billiards Spain Specialist manufacturer of American pool tables
Toulet France Manufacturer of luxury billiard tables
Supreme UK Manufacturer of competition quality English pool tables ( Manchester)
Gatley UK Manufacturer of general English pool tables (Gorton Rd, Manchester)
Simply Pool UK Manufacturer of general English pool tables and diners (Manchester)
Superleague UK Manufacturer of English pool tables (Leeds & Birmingham)

* Exclusive members of Matchtable™ cooperative

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Information on us, our policies and our pool and snooker tables

Ownership of Matchtable:

Matchtable is owned by Corporata Ltd of Eastleigh Hampshire. The company registration number is 03007054, and the VAT registration number is 887 4237 78. The administrative office is located in Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh SO53 4LH. The telephone number is 023 8027 6806 or you can email us

Our registered office is: c/o BFCA Ltd, 80 Coleman Street, London EC2R 5BJ

Corporata Ltd was set up as a business consultancy in 1993. It was a contracting company covering all aspects of communications and website development. In 2005 the consultancy merged as a family business with the original directors Pool Snooker & Leisure Supplies of Bournemouth (which had been set up in 1988). This family company has since specialised in the development of pool and snooker services over the Internet. We now promote the sale and fulfilment of top-of-the range domestic tables, particularly in the niche market of convertible pool and snooker dining tables. We also specialise in smaller size bespoke tables, made by us.

Our prime aim is to showcase pool tables and snooker tables on a clutter-free site, with extra large images. For those seeking to research on further information we provide a simple tick-box enquiry form for each featured table. We operate primarily in the London area, in Hampshire and in the South of England.

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Buying details

(i) warranty: all pool tables and snooker tables bought or commissioned directly or indirectly from this website are subject to our own warranty of satisfaction and those warranties of satisfaction given by the pool table and snooker table manufacturer. In particular, we recognise our obligations under the Sale of Goods Act, and other statute legislation in respect to our position as a general seller of goods; in respect to our position as an Internet seller we comply with our obligations under the Distance Selling Regulations legal framework, not least in enabling customers the right of a cooling-off period within 7-days of placing an order, plus the added right of rejection and cancellation (with no financial penalty) should they be dissatisfied with the pool or snooker table upon installation. This right is qualified for bespoke commissions or for those imported tables which have been subject to unanticipated extreme currency fluctuations.

(ii) ordering and payment: the tick-box enquiry forms for each table featured on the website are there to enable the many pool and snooker table options to be presented, and to simplify customer enquiries. They are not part of any formal ordering process. Orders are always arranged through personal contact by telephone, fax or email. Except for special bespoke tables (made to order) the full amount is payable at the time of order by cheque or, bank transfer. Cards are not normally accepted for the payment of tables except by special arrangement (subject to surcharge). Our card payments (for settlement against playing accessories and other ancillary payment) are processed by Barclaycard Business (Credit cards) processing section. Payments can be made by mail, fax or phone but not on-line. Our card payment system payment is vetted, certified and monitored by Security Metrics Certificate Evidence. In respect of our refunds policy, we comply with our statutory obligations and the normal procedural requirements of Barclaycard Business.

(iii) contract: the main products of pool tables and snooker tables purchased through this Matchtable website are sold by Corporata Ltd, and it is Corporata Ltd that enters into contract with those seeking to buy pool tables and snooker tables unless it has been agreed otherwise, or that Corporata is specifically acting as agent for another seller. We enter into all agreements in good faith and under our warranty indicated above.

(iv) trading overseas: we do not export our pool tables or snooker tables. All tables are priced in sterling and include VAT at the prevailing rate.

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Privacy Policy and Cookies

This is an important notice placed on this Information page of the Matchtable website.

The Matchtable website provides an aid-to-research for those seeking information prior to the possible purchase of a pool table or a snooker table. We do not accept payments directly through this website nor do we operate a shopping basket system. Therefore there is no Internet privacy issue concerning financial data, nor any wider issue over the use of Cookies in respect of the handling of financial transactions. However we observe the conditions of our card-processor, Barclaycard Business, in the handling of subsequent telephone orders or point of sale transactions outside of this website. We also observe the conditions of our bankers Cater Allen Ltd, as displayed in the homepage of their website, in the subsequent administration of cheque payments and Inter-bank transfers.

In addition, we do not incorporate customer log-ins, nor do we allow 3rd-party advertising - or any form of 3rd-party content - within any of our pages. We do not show items from You-tube or other videos. Consequently we are not constituted as an E-commerce site, in the generally accepted sense.

However like many commercial and public interest sites we have used the Google Analytics system to enable us to monitor and evaluate visitor traffic. The Google Analytics system is defined as a cookie. It is a free service offered by Google to all website owners which allows us to embed Google-derived code: this then tracks and quantifies usage on each page. We do not rely on Analytics. However if visitors object to the existence of the Analytics tracking system they should leave this site. By not leaving this site you are giving explicit consent to the use of this specified cookie. Alternatively you should adjust the settings on your computer (or user device) to control the use of this cookie. If you are uncertain about this, you can gain more information on cookies, privacy and the law by clicking on this government information link (this will connect you to an external website and in doing so you will leave this site): cookies and how they affect web users

We only collect customer details in our response to customer-originated enquiries that emanate from phone calls and email communications, either as a brochure request or through the use of our enquiry forms submitted via email. In this regard we observe our obligations under the Data Protection Act. We do not release this customer information to third parties other than that is necessary in the fulfilment of customer orders. Our enquiry forms are designed to rely only on an email address. We do not request phone numbers or postal addresses.

This website is compiled using Microsoft Frontpage, a long-established software package that allows individuals and small businesses to design and maintain websites. We rely on this package for the integrity of our computer code and in the manner of its operation. We present this website in good faith and comply with all current legislation as we know it.

Phone us on 02380 276806 or email us if you wish to query any of these terms

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Our range of pool and snooker tables

We deal in the high-end of domestic "billiards" (a generic term for pool tables and snooker tables) and specialise in the niche markets of luxury American pool tables, pool dining tables, outdoor pool tables and bespoke snooker tables. Because of our own geographic location, and of our partner companies, we are able to provide the most immediate and responsive service to the London and Home counties market. In all, there are 20 parent-pages summarising all pool table and snooker table product categories contained in the site. However there are 9-key categories of billiard tables in particular that we promote, and which are featured in the image panels at the head of this home page. These key-pages will vary over time, depending on season and availability. Our main specialist categories are American pool tables, bespoke snooker tables, pool dining tables, bespoke pool tables in solid pine

American pool tables

We are agents  for the main global brands of American pool. First, the best known global brand, Brunswick Billiards pool tables distributed by the American Billiard Company of Leeds in Yorkshire. Second, Sam pool tables of Spain, the premier European maker of American pool tables, distributed by Sam Leisure of Coventry. Third, Longoni pool tables of Italy, the world leader in design-inspired luxury tables, distributed by Luxury Pool and Leisure of Birmingham

Snooker Tables

We have been associated with Barton Billiards, makers of bespoke full size snooker tables, for nearly 25 years. They make and present table collections of the finest tournament-quality, full-size snooker tables. We are also able to offer snooker tables from Riley and BCE, and SAM Billiards

Pool Dining Tables

We are the premier importers for Billards Plaisance, offering an extensive collection of classic French Plaisance pool dining tables. We also offer fully bespoke pool diners through our associate Barton Billiards. In addition we promote a new range of exclusive luxury pool diners from Longoni of Italy and we are endorse snooker dining tables by Billards Toulet

Outdoor Pool Tables

In our own small workshop we accept commissions for bespoke outdoor pine pool tables.

Pool tables

We also make our own  bespoke domestic slate and MDF bed pool tables, specialising in kitchen models in various styles and sizes.

We also act as agents for UK pub-type pool tables from the important English pool table makers of Supreme (Winner), Gatley and Superleague (Hazelgrove)

Snooker Dining Tables

We offer a wide range of snooker dining tables made on a bespoke basis. Most snooker diners are 8ft or under and therefore more appropriate to play 10-reds snooker (using a 2 inch ball) in which case there is no difference between playing on an English pool table, although traditional undersize snooker tables (6ft, 7ft or 8ft) will be slightly larger in comparative dimensions. We present a showcase of some snooker dining table designs although any style can be commissioned

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Resolving the ambiguity over choosing a pool table

A billiard table? A snooker table? Or a pool table?

Prior to televised snooker, the 3-ball game of billiards was the most popular game within the UK. But the game of English billiards is now rarely played. In Europe, the term Billiards - in its narrowest meaning - also refers to a 3-ball game (known as Carom). It is played on a table without pockets. However, in American and the rest of the world, the term billiards refers essentially to the game we would refer to as American pool (Americans would not use the term American pool). It perhaps should also be noted that the main European and Global table-brands incorporate the term Billiards in their signature. So, throughout the world, we now have the word "billiards" as the overarching term, and readily understood in association with table games requiring cue-sticks and balls. In Britain though, because of the popularity of televised snooker, the term "snooker" and "snooker-tables" would ordinarily be used by most people, unless they were serious English or American pool players.

The Oxford English Dictionary is a useful arbiter on linguistic meaning and their references are as follows:

● Billiards: a game for two people played on a billiard table using three balls
● Billiard table: a rectangular cloth-covered table used for billiards, snooker and some forms of pool with six pockets at the corners and sides into which balls are struck with cues
● Snooker: a game played with cues on a billiard table in which the players use a white cue ball to pocket the other balls in a set order
● Pool: a game played on a billiard table using two sets of seven balls together with one black ball and a white cue ball.

Therefore to linguistic purists all games using cues and balls are played on billiard tables. For those familiar with the various games more information on billiards disambiguation is available by reference to Billiards on Wikipedia

Choose from 5 International games

First, there are many cue sports games with varied histories, although for simplicity we present a choice of 5 disciplines: English pool, English Snooker, American pool, French pool (Carom) and Russian Billiards (Pyramid). It is also possible to order tables that will play a combination of these disciplines.

Second, decide on the level of competitiveness: all of the pool and snooker disciplines have international standards determining table specifications. So, if you wish to play at competition level, the crucial elements are: table size, ball size, cushion response, playing-surface, cloth, and cues. The key specifications are as follows:

a) table sizes:

UK pool 7ft x 4ft | Snooker 12ft x 6ft | US pool 9ft x 4ft 6" | French Billiards 10ft x 5ft | Russian Billiards 12ft x 6ft

These dimensions are approximate. If you are at the room-planning stage please contact us for verification, or refer to the appropriate governing body of your selected cue-sport discipline

b) ball sizes:

chart of ball-sizes

c) cushion response:

Cushion rubbers are set within the table at a depth compatible with the ball-sizes. Rubbers on English Snooker and English pool tables are "L" shaped in section. Rubbers on American pool tables, French pool tables and Russian pool tables are "V" shaped in section and provide a faster response

d) playing surface:

A competition billiards table will always have a slate bed playing surface of either a single slab of slate or in sections (3 or 5). Quarried slate is a tried and tested material which provides the level, and solidity, necessary for serious play. Generally speaking English pool tables use single piece slates, American pool and Carom tables use 3 piece slates. Snooker and Russian Pyramid tables use 5 piece slates

e) cloth:

Competition snooker table cloths are wool with an agreed weight and thickness and with directional nap (affects the run of the ball on slower shots). Most modern variations of pool use a nap-less speed cloth. Green is the traditional cloth colour for all cue sports although in recent years cloth manufacturers have introduced a wide range of colour choices, including overprints for TV promotions.

f) cues:

There are 5-main cue variables: cue length, cue weight, cue-tip size, and how the cue is constructed

cue length: for all disciplines, preferred length is the one that best suits the individual's stature and cueing arm
cue weight: weight will vary according to the material used, and extra weight can be contained in the cue-butt. Again, this is usually a matter of personal preference, although in general a larger ball (e.g. Russian Billiards) will need a heavier cue.
cue tip size: at competition level a snooker cue would normally have the narrowest cue-tip, then UK pool, then American pool and beyond. For quality cues, cue-tips are usually glued on to the shaft, although screw on tips or sleeve-tips can be
cue material: most cues are made from a variety of natural woods, and usually spliced with a contrasting wood to mitigate against warping.
2-piece cues: modern cues often come with a 2-piece screw in connection, again to reduce warping, but also for carrying convenience. Additional extensions can be added / subtracted to alter the cue length.

For those purchasing a domestic table for the first time and are unsure about cue-selection it is recommended that Club cues are purchased

g) pockets:

There are 3 broad types of snooker and pool pockets (and ball-drop system)

● Bag-nets and buckets: where he ball drops into a net (normally a nylon net but occasionally made of plastic ribbon) or a plastic bucket. The balls are stored within the net/ bucket and retrieved when necessary (for American pool competition play the pocket or bucket must be able to contain up to 6-balls
● Bag-nets with ball rails: where the ball drops through a hole in the bottom of the net and collects in a wire channel in a row (normally seen on English and Russian billiard tables). These allow the potted balls to be visible.
● Ball-return: where balls drop into internal channels flowing into a central collection point at the end or sides of the table (normally seen on UK pool tables

h) product segmentation

Matchtable operates in the domestic Billiards market which in the UK we broadly table segments as follows:


English pool tables
American pool tables
Snooker tables
Pool Dining tables
Snooker Dining tables
Outdoor pool tables
Outdoor  snooker tables

Tables sizing


Product values



Product Standard

Game specific
Toy table (not sold) 


Delivery charges for pool tables and snooker tables

Prices are based on full-cost allocation and based on a 2-man dedicated installation team and an exclusive us-to-you delivery, at a mutually agreed time and date (prices are calculated at worst). Prices ex-Hull refer to bespoke snooker and pool tables installed by Barton Billiards. Prices ex-Maidstone refer to Billards Plaisance pool diners, Brunswick American pool tables and Sam American pool tables installed by The Snooker and Pool Workshop. Prices ex-Southampton refer to bespoke outdoor pool tables and bespoke kitchen size pool tables made by us and installed by Martin Rabbets. These prices also apply to the removal, re-delivery and installation of tables already in situ. All pool and snooker tables ordered for delivery from Hull, Southampton or Maidstone can ALSO be purchased on a self-collect basis for free


Delivery and Installation from Hull Delivery and Installation from London Delivery and installation from Southampton
Delivery to:
Regions ▼

Includes areas:

Main Cities:
£450 £650 £650 North West Cheshire, Cumbria, Lancashire, Manchester, Merseyside Liverpool, Manchester, Salford, Lancaster
£450 £650 £750 North East Cleveland, MCounty Durham, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear Sunderland, Newcastle upon Tyne
£350 £550 £550 Yorkshire East Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford, Wakefield, Hull, York
£550 £450 £450 West Midlands Herefordshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, West Midlands, Worcestershire Birmingham, Coventry, Stoke-on-Trent, Wolverhampton
£450 £450 £550 East Midlands Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Rutland Nottingham, Leicester, Derby
£550 £350 £450 Eastern Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, Suffolk Peterborough
£650 £350 £350 South East
(prime area)
Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, East Sussex, Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Kent, London, Middlesex, Oxfordshire, Surrey, West Sussex, Greater London London, Brighton, Southampton, Westminster, Portsmouth, Oxford
£650 £550 £450 South West Avon, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Wiltshire Bournemouth, Poole, Bristol, Exeter, Plymouth
£750 £850 £850 Scotland North Aberdeen and Grampian,Highlands, Orkney, Shetland, Western Isles Aberdeen
£650 £750 £750 Scotland Central Argyll and Stirling, Dundee & Angus, Fife, Perthshire Dundee
£650 £750 £750 Scotland South Ayrshire and Arran,Borders,Dumfries and Galloway, Edinburgh and Lothian,Glasgow and Clyde Valley Glasgow, Edinburgh
£550 £550 £550 Wales North Clwyd, Dyfed, Gwynedd, Powys  
£550 £550 £550 Wales South Glamorgan, Gwent Cardiff, Swansea
POA POA POA Northern Ireland   Belfast


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Directory of Pool & Snooker Diners


Pool Dining Tables

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Information on Matchtable
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The Matchtable website is owned by Corporata Ltd, registered in London England and based in Eastleigh Hampshire. We are a small family company, specialising in high-end pool and snooker tables and act mainly as brokers for the established manufacturers of American pool tables. We work with Barton Billiards, makers of full size snooker tables, including a wide choice of snooker dining tables in all sizes. We also import top of the range pool dining tables made in France. In addition we make our own bespoke pool tables in pine together with an original range of outdoor pool tables.

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